Rama Spa

Rituals & Packages

Ultimate rejuvenation of your body and soul

A Bliss for Two

IDR 1,080,000 nett / 150 Minutes

Foot Bath Ritual, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Yogurt Splash, Rain Shower, Traditional Facial ( for ladies ), Reflexology ( for man ), Flower Bath.

Body Mask Ritual

IDR 360,000 nett / 50 minutes

As the name suggest this treatment offers you the ultimate rejuvenation package that will lead you to the path of total balance and harmony to your body and soul. It is a perfect treatment to escape from your daily hectic routines and to make you feel like a brand new person! Including : Body exfoliation with choice (rose, green tea, Javanese lulur), Traditional Balinese Massage, Aromatic Herbal bath

Honeymoon Package

IDR 1,390,000 nett / couple/150 minutes

Segar canaga foot bath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Yogurt Splash, Rain Shower, Traditional facial ( for ladies ), Reflexology ( for man ), Flower bath, Herbal Tea.

Slimming Treatment

IDR 1,300,000 nett / 180 Minutes

This package will significantly help to reduce your weight in conjunction with regular exercise & healthy diet.

Lymphatic Massage

IDR 550,000 / nett / 90 minutes

Over our lifetime, we all tend to over indulge in whatever we are attracted to and our bodies forget how to detox. This process is done by our lymphatic system. Our bodies are equipped with lymph nodes to drain toxins naturally. The stresses of everyday living can cause them to block and once this happens, the toxins can not drain easily thus, the result can cause problems eg. Excessive weight gain, cellulite and in extreme cases maybe, even cancer.The lymph glands (buttocks, armpit and groin area) are connected by a network of vessels which transfer toxic waste fluid. It is here where we use a specifically designed massage to help dispose of it. The treatment takes approximately one hour and you must not take any food for at least 2 hours before this treatment in order for the massage to be effective. The result can be instant. Try it and see. You will feel the difference immediately.

Therapy & Massages

Various treatments to relax your mind and balance the body.

Traditional Full Body Massage

IDR 350,000 nett / 60 Minutes

Traditional massage passed down for generations. Blends stretching, acupressure with Balinese spices to relax your mind and balance your body.

Foot Reflexology

IDR 240,000 nett / 30 Minutes

Crystal sea salt foot bath, Reflexology.

Balinese Heritage

IDR 600,000 / 100 Minutes

Foot bath, Balinese traditional massage, Balinese traditional “Boreh” scrub, Rain shower, Herbal bath.